Introducing the Helm Hub

11 Dec 2018

Helm was designed with many distributed repositories in mind. Like Homebrew Taps and Debian APT repositories, Helm has the ability to add and work with many repositories. While the Helm stable and incubator repositories have been front and center from the beginning it was never our intent for these to be the only public repositories.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Helm Hub. This hub provides a means for you to find charts hosted in many distributed repositories hosted by numerous people and organizations.

New Governance And Elections

7 Sep 2018

Being a top level incubating CNCF project requires having a governance structure to ensure that there is a publicly documented process for making decisions regarding the project and the community. While Helm was under Kubernetes, we relied on Kubernetes governance. As part of the transition to CNCF, the Helm project is required to have its own governance structure. To handle this we set up a provisional governance with a goal of creating a long term one. After a few months we are happy to announce that the new governance structure has been written and approved.

Helm Moves To DCO

27 Aug 2018

When Helm was part of the Kubernetes project it, like the rest of Kubernetes, used the CNCF Contributor License Agreement (CLA). This served Helm well for years. But, most of the CNCF projects use a Developers Certificate of Origin (DCO) instead of a CLA. The exceptions are Kubernetes and gRPC. Upon Helm becoming a CNCF project itself we were asked if we wanted to move Helm to a DCO. After some careful consideration and a little research, the Helm maintainers voted to move to a DCO.

Helm is supported by and built with a community of over 250 developers.

Microsoft Google Codefresh Bitnami
Ticketmaster codecentric AG Samsung SDS

...and many other wonderful helm and charts core maintainers.